Instasquare Photo Editor: Download the Latest Version for Free ( UPDATED 2024)

Instasquare Photo Editor app is one of the best photo editing tools among many android users as well as its users.

This photo editor tool has all the essential features to create a complete editing job.

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So that, the Instasquare Photo Editor app has become so popular among many Professional photo editors as well as beginners.

What is Instasquare Photo Editor APP?

Instasquare Photo Editor is primarily famous for features like gradient outline Neon Filter, Sketch Line Art, etc.

These kinds of tools in this photo editor app allow you to make complete and quality photo editing work.

Further, it is easier to edit photos with Instasquare app because it offers unique filters and effects such as dripping effects, grime art stickers, etc.

Moreover, this app’s Instasquare line art tool is really convenient when it comes to outlining and retouching your photos.

Along with that, you can choose to have different types of mirror images, Spiral filters & effects, blur backgrounds as well.

So even if you do not have any photo editing experience, Instasquare photo editor will help you to edit photos like a pro.

When it comes to implementation effects on your photos, effects like double exposure, scrapbook, design a pic collage will help you to do that.

As a result, this application can be introduced as an all-in-one photo editor app for mobile devices.

Some users recommended the Instasquare app as an astonishing camera app because you can set all the filters into your selfie camera take the photo in one shot.

Whereas, some users love this app as a pic collage maker.

So that you can edit any pictures that you have in your media library in few seconds using this photo editor app.

The Instasquare Neon Photo Editor is the best way to add gradient Neon Filter Line Arts for your images.

Further, you can make an awesome collage by editing or changing the photo grid with Insta Square size.

Application Package Information

Application NameInstasquare Photo Editor
File Size32 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above
CategoryPhoto Editing

Download Instasquare App

DOWNLOAD (Goolge Play)

DOWNLOAD (Apple App Store)

How to Download and Install Instasquare App?

Instasquare Photo Editor app download process depends on the device and operating system. So please follow the below instructions according to your device type to download the app

Instasquare download image

Instasquare App for android

Instasquare photo editor app is available on the google play store and you can directly download the app from your google play account.

Moreover, you can get the direct APK file from this website as well

How to Download and Install Instasquare App for PC and Mac?

Instasquare app has been designed for mobile operating systems.

Therefore if you want to use it on your Windows 10 PC or Mac, you have to use an android emulator on your PC.

For that, you can use an android emulator like Bluestacks and install this photo editor app on your PC or Mac

Instasquare App for iOS

For iOS users, Instasquare app is available on the apple app store and you can get it directly from there and install it on your iPhones and iPads.

Instasquare app in google play

This photo editor app is the easiest way to fit your photos into 1:1 insta square size ratio using the gradient Photo Tool feature.

So that, this app allows you to resize your photos for the predefined Instagram diameters and therefore, you will not have to crop your images.

When it comes to outlining photos and images, you do not have to open many tools in the Instasquare App.

Because, this photo editing tool will help you to create a splendid neon sketch automatically.

Below is a detailed review of the popular features in the Instasquare editing app.

Neon Line Art & Outline Sketch Effect

This feature of the Instasquare app has the ability to analyse your photos using AI technology and draw white outlines on your photos.

After that, you can adjust to white lines according to your preferences, such as vertically or horizontally.

In addition to that, you can choose different thinness levels and change the sketch colour as well.

So you can choose to have a different image for the background or keep it in the original image.

Pic collage maker Tool

Pic collage maker tool of the Instasquare app will help you to make beautiful collages by using unique layouts and picture frames.

Therefore, you can quickly create aesthetic collages and share them on social media instantly with the help of this app’s social media sharing options.

So that, you can surprise your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp and so on.

Another awesome thing in this Instasquare app is that you will have all the essential photo editing tools like backgrounds, scrapbook, picture frame, picture grid filters and so on at your fingertip.

Instasquare App Features

As we have mentioned throughout this guide, Instasquare is one of the top-level photo editing app available for Android and Ios mobile devices due to various reasons.

You will have thousands of unique features like light leaks effects, glitch, DSLR, vintage, retro, sparkle filters and etc., to edit your images in this app.

The mirror effects in this apps will add an awesome look to your photos, and you can have them in Insta Square size.

Thousands of unique stickers in the Instasquare app such as cartoons, Emojis, doodles and so on will help you to create your dream edit.

This photo editing app has advanced features and basic features like brightness, contrast, blender, warmth, and so on adjustments.

Therefore, many professional photo editors use this tool to sharpen their images with the highest possible quality.

Finally, the Instasquare has any photo editing feature that you name.

Therefore, you do not need to go for a computer and edit your photos using software like Photoshop because this app has all the essential photo editing features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is instasquare online photo editor?

This is the online version of the editing tool

What is instasquare mod apk?

This is the modified version of the app

What is instasquare lite app?

There are two version of the app. one is the full version and other one is lite that has only basic features

What is instasquare photo editor pro?

This is the premium version of the app

How to download the instasquare old version?

You can get it from the changelog of this website

How to Fix Instasquare app not working issue?

You might have to restart the app and if the issue is still there, please re-install the app to its latest version

How to update the instasquare App?

You can get latest updates of the app from this website